Authentic Girls

When to Get Help

       When to Seek Treatment Immediately

     there are thoughts or talk of wanting to die

         there is any kind of self-harming (cutting, picking, causing                pain to self)

         there is alcohol or drug dependency or abuse

         there is sexual knowledge or behavior that is premature for
         her age

         she is suddenly acting very differently

         there is violence (by her, against her or in the family)


       When Might it a Good Idea to Get Help?


        a child is changing in ways that work against her

        she is not eating or sleeping normally

        you see sudden changes that are disturbing

        she seems sad much of the time

        she worries constantly

        she is struggling with changes in the family

        her relationships are unhealthy

        she is being socially victimized or victimizing others

        she seems unable to modulate her emotions

        the pressures of school are causing her distress

        she struggles with learning or processing difficulties

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