Authentic Girls

Along the Way - Life Challenges for Girls

A girl's life - filled with ongoing changes.  Some will be taken in stride, others may cause suffering.  All will contribute to a sense of who she is and how she approaches her life.  Although they are natural stages of life, some girls have trouble adjusting.  Having someone to talk to regularly,who is not part of the family, can offer support and direction to help traverse these  new areas of difficulty and help build resilience. Here are some of the stepping stones on the path to being  a woman, all of which can add to a girl's sense of who she is, but may also present problems:

Being part of a family

Having Siblings (or not)


Learning values

Changes in body

Learning cultural expectations of girls

Relating to boys

Recognizing the world is not perfect

Facing fears

Adjusting to family changes

Dealing with challenges at home and in school

Academic expectations, successes and struggles

Learning how to handle emotions